How To Respond To The “Price” Question Before You’re Ready


Doesn’t it just throw you off when you start getting into your presentation.. and someone almost immediately (or, well before you’re ready to tell them) asks for the price?

Inside you go “nooooo please don’t be asking that yet” (in the voice of Kevin Hart)… what should you do? How should you react?

This is a super common question I get, and a really easy one to overcome.

So why shouldn’t you give them the price early?


Simple – they aren’t ready for it.

You (likely) haven’t built enough value around your services for them to understand the price. If you are getting the price question early, you tell them, and they say “Yes! Sign me up!”, then you are priced too low and need to re-think your strategy.

By giving up the price too early, they’ll likely put up a wall… and now you’ll have to be on the offense, trying to PUSH your product on them. This is a position of weakness. To be in a position of strength, you need them to be curious about something you have, and want something from you.

If you’re priced properly for the value that your offering, it’s not about being the cheapest in the market, and it’s not even about the money that’s leaving their pocket and going in yours – it’s about the value that they’re going to get out of it.


“Dammit, Karen! Buy now or I’mma have to smack you.” – That guy, probably

Ok so what should I say?


The first time they ask, just breeze over it. Pretend they didn’t even ask. Just keep moving along and more times than not, they’ll forget about it and continue along your process.

If they ask again, say, “Hold on, I’m getting there.” and carry on with your presentation.

If they ask a THIRD time, simply say, “if I tell you the price right now, it won’t make sense to you, and it might not be accurate. I need to show you exactly how we are going to solve your problem, then I will get to the price. Is that okay?”

If you have control of the meeting, this usually isn’t a problem. If they have control of you, this will always be an issue.


Make sure that you include the question at the end. “Is that okay?” “Are you okay with that?”.. very important to get them to agree to it before you move on. This is a good habit to get into when you’re transitioning between ANY part of the sales process to the next.


It’s really simple – I’m not going to make it more complicated than it has to be. Don’t give up your price too early.



BONUS: Respect Their Time (and they’ll respect yours)


Make sure you have enough time to finish your presentation.

Getting cut off before you’re finished.. before you get to the close, halfway in.. at ANY point other than you having enough time to answer questions AND close the deal.. and it’s frustrating for BOTH parties.

If the customer only have 15 minutes.. and you need an hour, find that out right at the BEGINNING!

“Okay – no problem. I’d like to make sure we can use our time together as wisely as possible – can we reschedule something for tomorrow for a full hour?”

This shows that:

1) You respect their time.. knowing you’re going to go over time, and letting them get to the other appointments or commitments that they have for that day, and

2) Shows them that you know what you’re doing. Because you know the amount of time you’ll need, and that you don’t want to hop into something that you can’t finish.


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