You Haven’t Provided A Service Until You’ve Closed The Sale

If you truly believe that your product will better your prospect’s life, it’s your moral obligation to make sure they buy.

Sound harsh? It isn’t.

“As long as my clients get a lot of value out of my sales presentation, I’ll be happy” – said the broke salesperson with no customers, not making sales  and not making a difference.

Being able to make the sale is arguably the most important part of business. Without the sale, nothing happens. Nobody wins. You don’t make a commission, and the client is going to end the appointment and go back to the same problems they had when they came to the appointment. They’ll also likely be annoyed with you because you weren’t able to convince them to buy.

The reason someone agrees to even take an appointment with you is because they want to change their current situation.

I’ve written earlier on how it’s important to provide value in a sales appointment. Teach the client something valuable that they can use (that’s in line with what you’re offering) to position yourself as the authority and build credibility.

But you don’t want that value to be the entirety of the service you provide. You need to make sure you can actually close the deal, because that’s where the true value actually comes from.

The whole reason that they are speaking to you.. the whole reason that you are speaking to them, isn’t to provide them value in the call… but to make a deal, so that you can hit your goals and they can hit theirs.

When a sale is made, there isn’t a winner and a loser – both parties win. And when both parties are going to WIN, and you KNOW that the client will benefit from the product AS MUCH or MORE than what you’ll benefit, you have a moral obligation to close the sale.

By NOT closing the sale, by not pushing that extra little bit, you actually do them a disservice.

Do you remember ever walking into a store looking for something in particular, just to find yourself walking out empty handed, frustrated, because you couldn’t find what you were looking for? On the other hand, when you walk into a store, a salesperson helps you find exactly what you wanted, you make the purchase, and you leave happy.. clutching your new purchase and eagerly awaiting your chance to use it. Buying makes people happy, especially when the product is going to improve their lives.

Buying is a GOOD THING. People are happy when they buy things. It means they don’t have to look anymore. People actually secrete adrenaline, and their heart rates increase when they make a major buying decision.

So remember.. the next time you find yourself in a position where the prospect would benefit immensely from your product or service, and they put up a little bit of sales resistance.. don’t jump straight to “scheduling a follow up” or assuming that they don’t want it. Be bold. Press. Persist. See what’s really going on and what their hesitation is, overcome their hesitation and objections, and make the sale. They’ll be happier, you’ll be happier, and now all that’s left is to deliver.



P.S. Do you want some help scripting this for your sales process, without seeming pushy? Schedule a call with me and we can work through it.


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